Back to School Schedule: Phase In

I am a homeschooling mom, here in Idaho. My children are now 5 (boy) and 7 (girl). Moms around me are a buzz, gathering and shopping school supply lists, shopping for new clothes and shoes-the list goes on. But there is one thing that I find important for both homeschooling and public/private schooling-routine. At the end of this article, I am going to offer a couple of free printables to help you on your journey in the back to school routine. (For affordable school supplies, check Walmart. With Walmart+, you can have the supplies delivered right to your door, which saves time!)

So, lets talk routine. Our summers are filled with fun, sun, and relaxation.The idea of time is not so rigid in the summer. I know that there are many families out there that live the same way in the summer. Sometimes, snapping the kids back to attention during the school year can be quite stressful. I am here to offer a suggestion.

Phase it in. What does that mean? Change the routine little by little. Try to get the the parts you add mastered before adding new things to the routine.

A few weeks out from school starting, begin scaling back bed time, little by little (if they stay up late in the summer). Use increments that make sense to you, 15 minutes being a solid starting point. With that in mind, if your child sleeps late, begin waking them up (or setting their alarm) a bit earlier each morning.

Mornings can be quite hectic during the school year. Both working and stay at home mothers face struggles in having the morning go smoothly. A calm morning spells success for the rest of the day. How can we accomplish this? One thing I like to do during the school year is to be awake before the children. This ensures me some quiet time, whether it be to accomplish a task in peace or simply drink my coffee in silence. In my experience, having my own brain in order helps me to direct the rest of the day, my way. If your children seem to bother you during your quiet time, try getting their hands busy with crafts. Check out my blog post: Busy Little Hands!

Try to have breakfast at the same time on weekdays. In our home, it makes sense to have breakfast as a family. In other homes, if breakfast time is too hectic to stop and sit down, might I suggest that a healthy breakfast is prepped the night before. Don’t worry ladies, I am not being high and mighty. I do sometimes feed my children cereal. Most days, we try to make the kids a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Another important thing about the morning is getting ready. Young children are still trying to learn routine and a sensible order in which to do things. There are many resources and printable charts out there that can help your children gain independence with their morning routine.

To help support you in your back to school routine, I am offering free printables to help. I suggest laminating them after writing in the steps to your child’s routine. If your child cannot read, I suggest putting pictures where the words go.

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