How many of us have gone into the store without a grocery list, and came home with a bunch of junk, and not actually what we needed in the first place? I am going to raise my hand in shame here….I have done it. The shopping list is essential for the homemaker. It is not only helpful to make sure you come home with everything you need, but also helps prevent impulse spending. A 1950s homemaker kept a list for grocery shopping on paper, and looked for the best deals as she shopped. Most shoppers during this time had experienced life with rations during theRead More →

In the 1950s, people were now able to buy luxury items, the goal was this “American Dream.” The latest appliances were a status symbol to living the dream. Most of these women could remember a time when there were women using washboards, or other crazy contraptions.   Oh boy, when I was 18, everything went in the wash at once….my husband’s rough Army uniforms, my undergarments, sweaters….all of it was one load of laundry. Who cares right? We scarcely had money to eat let alone feed a washing machine quarters all day long in our apartment complex. Well, I began ruining clothes, in case youRead More →

Do you ever feel lost about what is in your cleaning closet? Maybe you have too much…..maybe too little. Maybe you aren’t convinced your cleaners are effective. I know I have tried and even made some I wasn’t fond of. A clean home was a cornerstone. A warm, inviting home was the pride of the American woman. Some of the cleaning supplies from then, are still relevant today (Ajax or Tide for example). Some however were full of very toxic things and taken off the market. Well, today, we are going to discuss the staples that belong in the homemaker’s cleaning supplies. This is notRead More →

Creating A Meaningful Schedule Schedule? What schedule? You wouldn’t know it now, but I used to see scheduling as unimportant. I just….did things. There was no order. There was no plan. There was no consistent schedule. Now, I look back at my former self and shake my head. As the proud mother of 2, I suddenly realized I was always off task, nothing was ever completely finished, I was always scrambling. Something had to change.  I began scheduling my chores and my events. A traditional housewife in the 1950’s was respected in her home for her all important role of not only caring for her familyRead More →