Grace Kelly. A Lady

Act Like a Lady With the way society is moving today, there is a major lesson being forgotten. ACT LIKE A LADY,  YOU WILL GET TREATED LIKE A LADY. People From Church Might Be There I was in middle school and I went to a movie with a group of friends. My mom said to me, “Behave yourself, people from church might be there. ” It always stuck with me, how mortifying it would be if my mother caught wind of me acting like a heathen in a public setting. So I never acted like one. And once while in high school, an older coupleRead More →

Man leading his family

Letting Him Be a Man So, after last week, you may be asking, “Well, how do I let my husband lead? How do I let my man be…a man?” Today, I offer my perspective, and a male perspective other than my husband, to broaden the conversation on the subject. Paul uses Facebook to discuss topics relating to the traditional lifestyle, along with searching for the love of a traditional Catholic woman. He had some very interesting insights to the male mind. So…listen up ladies! I have to remind you again, I am still on this journey, and I’m not perfect, but there are some idealsRead More →

Soup Time Soup season is upon us, and I just love a good soup. I made some amazing tomato bisque, with fresh tomatoes. You use a nice heavy stock pot and drop about 8 tomatoes in a pot of boiling water. Pull them out once the skins start peeling away. Use tongs. Then what you want to do is place those tomatoes in a bowl of ice water. Once they are cool, peel the skins off. Put them back in the stock pot and add 1 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp basil, 2 tbsp minced garlic, a bit of salt and pepper. Cook on medium heatRead More →

Halloween party planning woman with good candy vintage

Halloween Party So, I like throwing parties, even if it is just for my kids. With Halloween coming,  I am beginning to plan. I want my kids to grow up with fond family memories. Sometimes, planning events can feel stressful. This is why I plan weeks in advance. Even for parties just for the kids. That way, it is just fun. I use Pinterest to plan. Click here to check out my Halloween Party 2017 board. To keep a budget, I set a spending limit IN THE BEGINNING. Once I decide on a budget, (and speak to my husband) I begin looking through all myRead More →

Need Quiet? Ever have a day where you are begging for 20 minutes to yourself, but you have kids and that is preventing you from getting that 20 minutes to maybe make a phone call? Or maybe you just had a rough day and need time to get yourself together with peace and quiet. (See my article on Self Care.  This is especially important if you really find yourself frazzled on a daily basis.) I have a solution for you! Mother approved, and kid tested!!! A Quiet Time Activity/Craft! So, I have a 3 year old, and a one year old. The key is anRead More →

Lipstick Everywhere… Okay, I’m not the perfect housewife or homemaker and I don’t claim to be. I made a huge mistake. Lipstick went through the washer and then the dryer in a load of darks, which, were mostly my husband’s clothing items.  This is the inside of some grey shorts. Lipstick everywhere.  I am not going to lie, he was NOT happy. I assured him I would fix it or replace the ruined items. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money to replace. So, I figured I would find a solution for my lipstick problem. Steps Step 1: Spray extra hold hair spray,Read More →

Letting the Man Lead,

Let Him Lead…it’s a Dance The following metaphorical example is a very powerful example to me about marriage. A maritial relationship is a dance. A pair steps in time, trusting the other to stick to their own moves and not step on the other’s feet. One takes the lead while the other follows. Dancing is an act of two people working together, both with different functions. However, they are equally important. Traditionally, the man will lead the dance. And, so should it be in life. I think what some people aren’t understanding is that letting your man lead actually empowers you as a woman. ThisRead More →

Pumpkin pie roll

Pumpkin Roll Pumpkin pie…pumpkin latte….Pumpkin roll, I made this pumpkin roll today for “Football Day” and it turned out amazing. The family and I come together and showcase new or special recipes and eat together. We also had knock off Hooters 3 mile island sauce breaded jumbo shrimp. I will have to share that hack recipe on here! So, I thought I would share this Pumpkin Roll Recipe. It wasn’t too difficult, my daughter even helped. Let me say cooking and baking together brings my family together. I was impressed with how easy this was. So, I preheated my oven to 375. I pulled out myRead More →

About a year ago, if you came up to me and told me that I needed to find time to take care of myself, I would have laughed in your face. My answer would be, “There isn’t time for that.” Who in the heck has time for Self Care? I would argue that I did not have time. On that note, a year ago, I was a frazzled mess. It was then, I was adjusting to my newborn boy being here,  and trying to navigate EVERYTHING. I was caring for a teething son, my daughter, my severly, permanently disabled husband (…thanks to a tour inRead More →

How many of us have gone into the store without a grocery list, and came home with a bunch of junk, and not actually what we needed in the first place? I am going to raise my hand in shame here….I have done it. The shopping list is essential for the homemaker. It is not only helpful to make sure you come home with everything you need, but also helps prevent impulse spending. A 1950s homemaker kept a list for grocery shopping on paper, and looked for the best deals as she shopped. Most shoppers during this time had experienced life with rations during theRead More →