Rising from the Ashes Rising Who I am, where I stand now is not where I always was. I have risen from the ashes of a life that fell apart. I have risen from massive struggles of my husband coming home the way he did. Blaming God When he came home, I lost the Lord somewhere on this journey. Instead of leaning on Him, I grew further away. I can remember the countless fights. He was just so angry. It made me angry. I remember begging God to do something. Maybe that is why I lost Him. But the reality was: WE needed to doRead More →

Spicy ranch

I like it Hot I have been craving spicy food lately. Some of it was so spicy that I regret it. (Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habenaro wings…those were too spicy. So good though!) But this spicy avocado ranch is goooooooood! In my estimation,  the avocado cools the heat of the serrano. You can up the level of spice If you desire. Throw in habaneros if you dare, instead! There is a nice variation on this simple Spicy Avocado Ranch to give it more of that American Southwest flavor. Add Chipotle chili powder,  cumin, and chili powder. This is very good on any salad, certainly onRead More →

I mentioned this series would be difficult. This poem was written when we were in a dark place. I am here to share my journey and my heart. This poem was never perfect, but it allowed me to release. It now allows me to show you reality for a combat vet and his family. I just cried reading it. Return to Me Maybe in another life I could find him there…. The man that came home was different, a thousand yard stare. I see him in my dreams. His smile and heart had me bursting at the seams. The man I married was murdered inRead More →

PTSD According to the PTSD VA website, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. To many people, those are just words. But to others, this is a daily reality. Who He Was When I met my husband in 2007, he was bright, outgoing, full of aspirations. His green eyes were as bright as could be. I still remember the day he left. I remember sitting in our truck for a long, long time…sobbing. Reality of a 15 month deployment smacked meRead More →

This is a several part series designed to highlight the struggles of combat veterans and their (and their family’s) re-adjustment into civilian life. Also, we discuss what helped change my husband for the better. Even if you are not married to some one suffering PTSD, it is important that we spouses get to know what makes our husband tick, what drives them forward, what scares them. By knowing and caring about these things, it will bring you closer. Part 1: How we Got Here Being married to a combat veteran has to be one of the most difficult challenges in my life. Difficult does notRead More →


Hit the Mark Meatloaf is usually a dish every meat eating man loves. Many women have a particular recipe that is “theirs” when it comes to meatloaf. Last week, my husband was very busy all day and he mentioned he would be hungry when he came home. I decided to make meatloaf and crushed red potatoes.  I am still perfecting the crushed red potatoes recipe, but once I do–I will post it. This recipe can be made in the oven or on a smoker. If you dont have ground pork, you can use 2 pounds of ground beef,  but the flavor won’t be the same.Read More →

Too busy, needs help

Responsibility Often times, I find myself caught up in a whirlwind of responsibility. Wife…caregiver…mother…chef…chauffer…the list goes on. I am sure many of my followers, even you, find yourself in the same boat from time to time. Sometimes, I get so caught up in all my responsibilities that I don’t enjoy life to its fullest. I lose sight of the things I should cherish. There are times, I feel like I am drowning with no one to throw me a life line. In some marriages, the husband provides said lifeline. Yes, sometimes there are things my husband does to help. However, with his injuries, there isRead More →

Family outings

SEATTLE As many of my followers know, tomorrow I am leaving for Seattle with my family. I couldn’t be more emotionally ready for our getaway. It has been a long, long couple of weeks. With all of this in mind, I would like to take the time to talk about family outings. Family outings are important for many reasons. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. It can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. A multi thousand dollar vacation or a hike and a picnic. There are 5 very important reasons you should not put this off any longer.  Read More →

Nutrition vintage scale

Okay ladies, listen up. We are going to talk about how nutrition affects you, why proper nutrition is important as a woman, wife, caregiver, or mother. My Knowledge of Nutrition Let me be straight with you. I didn’t grow up with any sense of nutrition. I grew up in a household that thought it was okay to eat cookies and milk as a VALID breakfast. At any given time, there were probably 6 boxes of cereal in the house. We did have to eat what was on our plate and had to ask to have pop, which we didn’t have often. We also did eatRead More →

Cornflake Chicken Corn flake chicken is something my mom used to make when I was a kid. It is so simple, yet so delicious. It was one of my favorite things that she made. I remember when I was young, it was my favorite job to smash the cornflakes for this dish. Then, I remember when I won the District Spelling Bee in 5th grade, she made it special for dinner. It made me feel so special when she did that. After all, her and I worked very hard. She would drill me on spelling words every spare second she had. So this dish hasRead More →