at home date night

At Home Date Night

In times like these, we can often feel strained in our “boxed in lives” courtesy of COVID-19. Maybe it is just that you are tight on money these days. In the spirit my latest article of tips from the Great Depression, we are going to talk about an at home date. Staying at home has become a hallmark of our lives in 2020. Being at home can make date night feel impossible. But, I am here to tell you it is not. Trust me, you can make a million excuses, but if you get creative enough you can make it work.

Questions and Answers

Courtney, this is rediculous. I don’t have time for this, do I?

I hear you! Your responsibilities have been thrown up into the air like 300 marbles—and you are expected to catch them all as they fall! You can’t catch them all. I promise. It is not wrong to make the state of your relationship a priority. That pile of laundry (or whatever excuse you have) can wait.

What am I supposed to do with the kids?

First–this may not be a perfect answer, but set the kids up with their own special fun time. In my experience, this is a time to give them something special to do. If you give them the toys they always play with or the things they always do, you will find them bothering you quickly. Might I suggest making a “busy bag” or a craft. In our house, screen time is special. I learned this the hard way, don’t give them a messy craft unless you want to end your date night crying.

Do I have to make a fancy dinner?

No, of course not! If a home cooked candle light dinner is what you are in the mood for, go for it. However, there are many restaurants delivering these days with partners like Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and more. In many areas, they offer plenty of options for dinner.

What to Do…..

  1. Cook together

My husband and I recently had a chili cook off–except there were no judges. His was a spicy traditional chili. I made mine based around cowboy candy, a sweet heat chili.

2. Make a Fort

Yes. Make a fort. Maybe a year and a half ago, my husband and I had a little spat on his way out to his men’s pool league. I felt so bad that I made a fort for us and put my old Super Nintendo in it. It was a wonderful evening when he came home. Trust me-this can be made quite romantic!

3. Have a movie night

Don’t tell me “but we Netflix and chill all the time.” Make it special. Make appetizers, popcorn, etc. Maybe start out with some movie trivia.

4. 2 Player Games

So, I grew up in a household that played card games quite a bit. Mom and I loved a competitive game of double solitaire. Meanwhile, Grandma and I loved a good game of Peanuts. There are plenty of suggestions on the internet for 2 player games! Heck, you could always play a good game of truth or dare!

5. Crafts

My grandpa was quite the woodworker. So, he would cut the patterns of various crafts while Grandma would paint them.

Truth be told, a date night at home can lead to lasting memories!

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