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As a mom, we play many different roles and have many different responsibilities. Some of us are more technologically connected than others. To those who love traditional pen and paper….I LOVE YOU! But today, I am focusing on tech and the homemaker and/or mother.

As a side note, I am not paid or compensated in any way to give these reviews.


instacart app

The first app I would like to discuss, is Instacart. Oh my gosh! This app is a life saver. If you haven’t heard of them yet, let me enlighten you. THEY DELIVER YOUR GROCERIES! This is a lifesaver for my family because as you all know, my plate is very full. You can see if they deliver to your home here. They charge for delivery, sometimes up to $9.99. However, you can choose to enroll in Instacart Express and for $14.99 a month, they will deliver your groceries for free and IN UNDER 2 HOURS if you spend over $35.

instacart express app

The app itself is very easy to use and search for the things you need. Within the Instacart app there is a built in chat to speak to the person shopping for you. They alert you with any substitutions or other problems that may come up. The app follows their progress from the time the shopper begins to the time they deliver your order.

There is ONE downside. My area offers several stores now, but in the beginning of bringing service to our area, they did not. The only store available had prices on the app that were usually at least $1 higher than the product was in store. That $1 per item added up and steered me away from it for a bit. (This was Albertsons/Safeway.) Now, there are several stores for my choosing and my other options offer the same prices offered if I were to go to the store. My suggestion is to simply stay away from Albertsons and Safeway.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is something I have been using for many years. I have tried other apps. Yes, some of them had much more intractie features than Google Calendar, but here I found that it was best to keep it simple. It is usable on your Android device, you can sync it on your iPhone, and you can use it on your computer. So, no matter where you are, your calendar is with you. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and it is wonderful to use. The interface is very clean, moving events is as easy as holding down an event with my stylus and sliding it to a new date. I can tell my phone to add appointments. It is wonderful. “Hey google, remind me to pay the electric bill on December 1 at 9 AM.” It adds the event for me. My husband hates that I “talk to my phone”. However, he simply does not see how often I am juggling with my hands full of children, dog leashes, and things. Sometimes it is just because my hands are covered in flour from working in my kitchen!

You can add items to your personal calendar or a family calendar. This family calendar is a relatively new feature. I cannot speak to that feature because my husband operates better with a paper calendar. (So, I use both. It double ensures that I don’t miss things in my hectic life.)

You can also set goals and reminders within Google Calendar which is very nice. The Reminders eliminates the need for a separate TO DO LIST app.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

notes app for moms

As mentioned I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With it comes a stylus for me to take notes in the native Samsung Notes app. I am aware that many of you do not have the same phone. So, I offer up an app I have used in the past: ColorNote Notepad Notes. I loved this app. Again, it is a very simple straight forward app, but what I really like is that you can save the notes as widgets on your home screen. That way every time you look at your home screen it will have the same effect as seeing a sticky note on your fridge. You cannot help but to see it. The sticky note color can be changed to make it more fun!

Native Timer and Clock App


“Okay google, set a timer for 45 minutes,” I said as I held a 13×9 pan full of cake batter, trying to get it into the oven without tripping. (I am very good at tripping over nothing.) It sets the timer for me. This is nice because I am always within earshot of the timer, because I usually have my phone.

The clock is also good for an alarm, but I am not going to dive too deep into this one because pretty much anyone who has a smart phone has an alarm clock app and they also know how to use it



I would love to hear what apps are your favorite as a mom and/or homemaker that make your life run smoothly! Comment below!

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