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I am often preaching on the idea that you cannot take care of others unless you can take care of yourself. Trust me, I understand it is counterintuitive. Here is what I know, and how I know it. Taking care of a husband who was severely wounded while serving and taking care of 2 small children, I ran myself into the absolute ground.

I vehemently disagreed with the logic of taking time for myself. I always felt as though there was something I should be and OUGHT TO BE doing. After a time, I found myself crying, almost on a daily basis, worrying how I was failing everyone. I gave myself no grace, no mercy. I was unhappy as I have ever been. I’ll be honest, my constant stress made me lose the “happy go lucky” girl I was. That darkness seeped into my marriage. No, we weren’t fighting, but we certainly were not having fun. Change was a must. I was…..tired.

One of the things I incorporated in my life at the advice of my counsellor was mindfulness, rest, prayer, and meditation. What is mindfulness, you ask? Its about being present in the moment. The Mayo Clinic has some great information and exercises in Mindfulness. While there were a lot of steps that I took to begin taking care of myself, mindfulness is my focus today.

This is something every mom, wife, and homemaker can use during the holidays to help them de-stress and decompress. So, I use two apps that I would like to share with you.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies for mindfulness

Relax Melodies is the app that I use the most. It has so many options within the app to help you relax. Sure, they offer meditations, you would expect that. However, they also offer something called sleep stories. In this area of the app, there are several stories told to you in a soothing voice

The standout feature is the “composer.” In this area of the app you can customize ASMR, nature, animal sounds, music, etc, all into a soothing soundscape. They often add new sounds to their composer, which I find refreshing.

I would love for you to take time to check the app out, and really help you find time for yourself. I am pleased to offer you a 30 day free trial into the app. Try it out for yourself. See if you like it. Click here to enjoy a 30 day free trial, no obligation to you.


Calm app for mindfulness

My second favorite mindfulness/meditation app is Calm. They have sleep stories, meditations, music, and soundscapes.

Their standout feature in my opinion is The Spark. It is filled with inspiration, motivation, and more by interviewing people of influence like Colin O’Brady, Fran Drescher, Suze Orman, and more. I always enjoy hearing their perspectives as it helps inspire mine.

With this app, I have five free guest passes, where you can enjoy all the content for 5 days. If you would like to try Calm for 30 days, follow and like my page on Facebook. On October 30, I will be draw five names. Be sure that you publicly like my page or I will not be able to see that if you keep that information private. If you win, I will send you a virtual code for a guest pass.

Life is a struggle, especially 2020. If you want to find inspiration on self worth, check out my blog post here. Maybe it will help inspire your thinking process!

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