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I get it: the to-do list for your wedding is a mile long. So much to do, so little time. One way to help is by putting your wedding registry on Amazon. Here are several reasons you should sign up! You can do that right here on Amazon’s Wedding Registry

  • Amazon has the world’s largest selection of goods
  • Amazon’s Registry is universal. You can even add items from other websites!
  • After your wedding day, you will receive a 20% off coupon for most purchases on
  • Free shipping on orders over $25-which is really convienient for guests

Tips and Suggestions

The first thing you want to do is inspire yourself. Go to traditional websites and browse their wares. Take down what brands and items you like and search for them on Amazon. Log in, and start your registry here! You can’t go wrong with the idea that your family and friends will benefit from free shipping on orders over $25! “What if I can’t find it on Amazon?” That is ok! You can do a google search and add those items using the Universal Button. Most important, do not make your registry a stressful to do for yourself. Have fun creating it! In fact, make these yummy Moon Cookies to eat while you shop.

Use the Universal Button!

Try to add items that are Amazon Prime items, but it isn’t a necessity. Once your registry is finished, share your Wedding Registry with your family and friends.

Why Amazon?

Fact is, most people are comfortable using Amazon. Its easy to navigate, customer service is strong, and many items offer free shipping!

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