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Allure Beauty Box

My Dirty Little Secret

Can I tell you a secret? I feel stressed out when contemplating a skin care and a beauty routine or when buying makeup. Some of you girls out there, WOW! You are so good with makeup. I have always been quite basic. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye-liner, and mascara, lipstick. Sometimes, I don’t even use all of those! I even have a hard time finding a good foundation, I am always the lightest color on the spectrum of 99% of makeup brands, but sometimes even that isn’t quite a good match. I am ghost colored apparently.

Truth is, I have been starting to show my age, maybe a dark spot from sun damage or so. I don’t know. Sometimes my skin is dry under my nose. I rarely ever break out, I was told I was lucky to have my skin. Ulta, Sephora, and the like are all stores I have visited and I have admired beauty products online. But soon, I find myself swamped by products. Each calling themselves the “latest and greatest” ,”new formula” , shiny packaging, different colors, etc. That is usually the point I give up and walk away with nothing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Amazon and found they were selling an Allure Beauty Box for $15. I continued shopping and came back to it. It offered samples and full sized products. I thought, “Gee, that is a nice way to learn more about skin care routines and beauty without spending a lot.” So, I ordered it. I never ordered anything like it before.

beauty box

The Beauty Box

The box came last week. I must say, I was very excited to open it. When I did, I found a little booklet. Each product is featured in the book. It offers a reason to love the product, and some application ideas. This box contained:

  • Full size Wander Beuaty Unleashed Mascara
  • Sample SizeLa Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Ultra light sunscreen fluid
  • Full size Elemis Pro-collagen cleansing balm
  • Full Size Elf Highlighting brush
  • Full size Cleo Noir twist up eyeliner in purple
  • Full Size soothing Aloe Sheet mask
  • Sample Size Waterless dry conditioner

This box is contains $70+ worth of goodies. Like I mentioned, I only paid $15. October 2020, the price is going up to $23 and will have goodies valued at $100+.

Review of the Contents

The mascara was a nice surprise as I just ran out. Upon using it I noticed the contour brush. That seemed to make each of my lashes stand out.

The sunscreen fluid was very light, and I enjoyed that. Before I put it on, all I could imagine was rubbing Coppertone on my face. So heavy. This was not the case.

The cleansing balm was something I had never thought of before, I never knew there was anything besides soap and water to wash my face. It made my face feel so deeply clean after using it, as well as moisturized.

Purple eyeliner, a color I never considered before. What a fun look this is.

I love a good mask. This is not a brand I have ever seen before. I really enjoyed the aloe mask because my face skin has been rather dry lately. I used it and afterwards, my skin felt soft and supple.

Waterless conditioner? How neat! I have never even heard of it before. I love a good dry shampoo, and never even knew conditioner existed for it. It made my hair feel so smooth, even made it look a bit shinier.

All in all, I really enjoyed my first ever beauty box. To someone who has a hard time with makeup and facial care, this was really neat!

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