Act Like A Lady–Get Treated Like One

Grace Kelly. A Lady

Act Like a Lady

With the way society is moving today, there is a major lesson being forgotten.


Grace Kelly. A Lady

People From Church Might Be There

I was in middle school and I went to a movie with a group of friends. My mom said to me, “Behave yourself, people from church might be there. ” It always stuck with me, how mortifying it would be if my mother caught wind of me acting like a heathen in a public setting. So I never acted like one. And once while in high school, an older couple from church were ACTUALLY there. It made my mother’s point even more threatening and powerful. To date myself, this was well before Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and such — which presents a whole new problem in itself.

The Public Eye

Lately, I have been hearing word of all these women (and sometimes men) being victimized by powerful elites of Hollywood. Let me be clear, I am talking about actual victims, not those who made a choice to advance their career (that they now regret). These Hollywood Elites such as Kevin Spacey had the world at their feet, but are now caught in their own web of lies. I absolutely enjoyed his acting, but his career is probably now over. The major reason to his downfall was THE WAY HE CONDUCTED HIMSELF.

Kevin spacey--fall from grace act like a lady or gentleman

It made me think about how important it is as women that we conduct ourselves as such in the public eye.

Now a days, the public eye is much larger and more encompassing. Now, there are cameras everywhere.  See statistics. Nearly every single phone has a camera. Traffic lights, roads, and stores all have cameras. You are being watched.  All it takes is for One person to see you doing something unsavory, unladylike. Now all it takes is one drunken post on the internet…they film it, capture, and upload it for the world to see. Similar to Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood, you fall from your tower, reputation in tatters.

Should I Say It?

The same holds true for using the internet. Let me be clear, I may not agree with all of your convictions, and you may not agree with mine. However, I absolutely respect your right to voice yout opinions. But no matter the issue, I would use this method as a gauge.

1. Would I say this out loud in the middle of a town square? If the answer is no, DON’T say it on the internet either. If you are going to have convictions, they should be something you carry with you everywhere. Be genuine.

2. This one is hugely forgotten. Everyone including me messes this one up from time to time. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.” The thing is, sometimes as traditionalists our views are misinterpreted, misrepresented, generalized, or otherwise butchered. The other side that makes comments to you on Twitter or other social media is just trying to catch you in “unsavory” behavior so that they can easily call you wrong.

Ladies, seriously, why are we engaging with someone on Twitter who is just trying to get a rise out of us? (I use Twitter as an example because I do not have, and will not have a Facebook. So, I can’t speak to what happens on Facebook.)

Their beliefs are not yours/ours, and your/our beliefs are not theirs.  Clearly, many of these people will not be brought to the light….so spewing back arguments on Twitter, Facebook, or otherwise seems highly unproductive.

Just for clarification, spewing arguments is very different than a respectable political type debate.

Instead, try turning the other cheek. Does it really matter what Fanny Feminist thinks about your “enslavement” to a man, or how they attack our views? It truly bothers me that other women, and sometimes, even men can be so hateful to a woman who is just trying to live her own life in the way she sees fit.

What matters: how we raise our children and how we carry our convictions to heart. The way our children turn out ARE THE FUTURE. It matter that our children share our values, which differ from family to family.

I implore all of you, please don’t bother with these people. They are trying to highlight your weaknesses and prove to the world that they are right, and trad life is wrong. Instead, put the phone, tablet, or whatever darn device you are on down. Go to your husband, go to your children and do something productive, something rewarding to trad life.

Act like a lady

Live it, breathe it, Be it. It doesn’t matter who disbelieves, who hates on you, who rebukes you. Let them live their own life.

In the end, if you don’t engage in thoughtless argument (again–different from a respectable debate)….which one of you looks bad? THE PERSON WHO IS RUNNING OFF AT THE MOUTH NOT ACTING LIKE A LADY. Meanwhile, your reputation is still in tact.

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